Think the future of “clothing”, from Scientific point of view.

Think the future of “clothing”, from Scientific point of view.

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About us

About us

Yoshida Senko Co., Ltd.

16 Maeda Kishigawa-cho Kinokawa-shi Wakayama-ken


Establishment March 19, 1951
Capital 15 million yen
Representative Atsuo Yoshida, President of the raw
Business Knitting yarn dyeing material
Group companies Kishigawa Industry Co., Ltd., Yoshida Industry Co., Ltd.
Customer Mitsubishi Rayon, Kuraray, Toyobo, Asahi Kasei, Unitika other


October 1948 Yoshida dyeing establishment at 4-29 Misono-cho Wakayama-shi
March 1951 The name changed to "Yoshida Senko Co., Ltd."
January 1968 Introduction of cheese dyeing machine starts
January 1971 Kishigawa plant was completed
October 1972 Kishigawa Industrial Co., Ltd. was established
September 1979 Yoshida Industrial Co., Ltd. was established
November 1990 Moved its headquarters here in 16 Maeda Kishigawa-cho Kinokawa-shi Wakayama-ken
March 1992 Unmanned cheese dyeing plant introduced
April 1993 Automatic weighing systems stain introduced
April 2000 SSP Winder introduced
October 2002 Dye automated warehouse system introduced
January 2007 Once-through boiler LNG facilities and LNG Satellite introduced

Major Equipment

Unmanned cheese dyeing plant
Dyeing machine 250kg 6
200kg 4
150kg 4
80kg 8
35kg 4
24kg 3
12kg 5
6kg 4 (6 km from the minimum lot)
High pressure dryer 250kg 2
200kg 2
80kg 4
12kg * 2 1
12kg 2
Automatic weighing system auxiliaries
Automatic dye weighing system
Centralized management control unit
Loading and unloading equipment Cheese
Automatic cranes
Automated warehouse dye
Winder software Murata winding corner where another 1500 Mach cone
Catch-up Winder After another winding 960 Murata Mach cone Corner
Filament winder Contact SSP winding spindle winder 384 Kozu
After winding spindle Ishikawa SCHWEITER 424
Another set of CCM Test Equipment
Boiler water treatment facilities

Science and Technology established as an industry, to meet the diverse needs

President & CEO
Yoshida Atsuo

The textile industry has developed along with economic growth, has formed a multicultural.

Yoshida Senko history, cultural history of the evolution of clothing.

We were working on the creation of the fashion scene in response to the needs of the times through the dyeing technology.

Meanwhile, Yoshida History Senko is never flat, but there was no road, the "real dream" theme, creativity can be said to be the origin of things, overcome the dark to get the joy of accomplishment when you dream have.

I screamed in a mature fashion industry, that we sought nothing less than to realize that technology products and high added value.

Originally Yoshida Senko is important to companies that have work to study the technology of soil, one of the long-term management strategy "high quality" has been a Kakage.

Automated production line started in 1990, the dyeing system was realized with advanced technology combines know-how accumulated so far, significantly enhanced the potential of technology and scientific technique aims to staining.

At the same time mechanization has realized automation companies to operate in a human hero.

Clothing culture in order to create the next generation to also contribute to the prosperity of our customers, future efforts to improve production technology, quick delivery and implementation of high-quality small lots, industrial science, and new high-tech industry aiming to establish a dyeing industry, will continue to challenge.

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