Think the future of “clothing”, from Scientific point of view.

Think the future of “clothing”, from Scientific point of view.

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Production System

Realize high-tech high-touch, high-quality

Mach Winder

Splicer with automatic winder is equipped with a system of fixed length and, in addition to the weight evenly, allowing seamless wound.

Compared with the conventional model, and speed up the work, labor-saving is also achieved.

Automatic dye weighing system

Dye powder is weighed according to the schedule that is determined by short-term production planning, automated metering devices powder dye, the dye was dissolved after the automated system, dye is injected into the storage tank.

The stock dye dye storage tank, liquid dye through automatic weighing system, automatic transfer to the dyeing machine is being formulated weight.

SSP Winder

SSP Winder is uniformly wound, as well as possible damage to the soft yarn bobbins.

With the introduction of this facility, including the filament material, will allow a wide variety of yarn dyeing, further expanded the range of technologies.

Work beaker

The introduction of computer color matching system technology in a beaker in the laboratory work, management has been stained and color difference Resaipu search.

In addition, Adams beaker to achieve the speedy and accurate work (machine automatically adjusts the liquid dye) is also established.

Since the central management system and engage the Adams side computer, you can create a stained Resaipu data to accurately reproduce the beaker.

In addition, the tester uses color staining Tekusamu Giken Master, we are setting the beaker in the same conditions as the side scene.

Centralized system

The order, production planning of dyeing process is managed by a centralized management system.

Production planning, sales order data is entered and transmitted to the centralized system will be created automatically.

Management system is also staining in conjunction with the lab system, Resaipudeta staining dye is transferred to the plant.

Internal and external color difference has been introduced in some material already toward unchecked lot of difference, whether the program is working well for dyeing data.


LNG facility has been introduced to reduce emissions of CO2.

For areas without pipelines, city gas, liquefied natural gas were transported in a trailer (-167 ℃) and stored in pressure tank special, has been used to vaporize on the premises (the heat source to vaporize the gas use of wastewater).

According to the natural gas energy, a small (one 2.5t × 5) introducing a reflux boiler.

If necessary, use the number to be switched automatically so you can use gas efficiently.

Cheese production flow dyeing

The consistent production system through binge

Kishigawa Industry Co., Ltd.

In Yoshida Senko, aligned so that a wide variety of Winder, you can complete your work in-house ship entrusted dyed yarn made ​​from raw.

In this production system, we are working to improve quality and delivery control.

Kishigawa Industry Co., Ltd. has a group of piece dyeing company in the same premises can also be performed in conjunction staining.

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