Think the future of “clothing”, from Scientific point of view.

Think the future of “clothing”, from Scientific point of view.

Yoshida Senko Technology

Yoshida Senko Technology

Cotton, natural fibers such as wool, rayon, tencel, acrylic or synthetic fibers such as polyester, blended yarn and other up, and stained with a wide range of materials.

High pressure dyeing machines are all computer-controlled automatic dyeing machine so boasts a highly reproducible staining.

Not only stained, and also modification of the yarn processing efforts and yarn manufacturers.

The consistent production system through binge

Yoshida Senko are aligned in a wide variety of internal winder.

You can complete the work in-house before shipment entrusted dyed yarn made ​​from raw.

Working to improve the quality and delivery control in this production system.

When testing new materials, such as dyeing, winding can be adjusted for fine-grained.

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